St. Mary’s Karonga Girls Secondary School in Educational Visit to Karonga Museum


On Saturday 1st July, 2017 the students from St Mary Karonga Girls Secondary School had an educational visit Karonga museum. The teachers organized the trip to enable student learn in a different environment the concepts  they usually study at school. The students were able to appreciate some of the concepts they learn in different disciplines such as humanities, sciences and languages.

Judging from the students reports after the trip, most students gave positive comments about the trip. The following were some of the comments by the students: “It was my first time to visit Karonga museum and I will never forget the wonderful experience I had.” Sharom Chiwaya said this after the trip. The Head girl of the school was very happy to see the Dinosaur at the museum.

Overall the educational trip to the museum was very successful and will remain a wonderful experience to the students and all the teacher who accompanied the students.

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